It Runs Around The Room With Us Black

Sun Blood Stories      

It Runs Around The Room With Us Black

Hand-picked by JJ Koczan, founder and chief architect behind The Obelisk, this 2017 release from Sun Blood Stories is our first entry in what's sure to be a cornerstone of the Doom County curated catalog. His take on the record: "Sun Blood Stories cast forth memorable and immersive soundscapes on their third album, and from the hook of “Great Destroyer” through the cacophonous noise of “Burn,” their songwriting is masterfully textured for headphone-worthy ambience. Miss out on It Runs Around the Room with Us and you’re denying yourself some of 2017’s best psychedelia. It’s that simple."

  1. End of the Day
  2. Step Softly Ghost
  3. Great Destroyer
  4. Eclipse Theme
  5. Come Like Rain
  6. Time Like Smoke
  7. Echoer Approach
  8. Nothing Sacred Will Hold
  9. Burn

Magnetic Eye Records ID: 254214 Catalog ID: 4130 SKU: SBSSIRATBL-LP00 Created: 5/26/2017
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